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Apuntes para una comedia magico chamanica musical

Tomado de: Confidential Cold War Briefing Book, publicado en 1998 por Warner Home Video Inc. A subsidiary of Warner bros. Inc., a Time Warner Company.

Translation pages 15-16 of the Soviet transcript of Malta summit, December 2-3, 1989.

Gorbachev. The main principle which we adopted and which we follow in the framework of the new way of thinking – is the right of each country to a free election, including the right to reexamine or change its original choice. This is very painful, but is a fundamental right. The right to elect from within without interference. The US adheres to a certain social and economic system, which the American people chose. So let other people decide for themselves which God, figuratively speaking, to worship.


“I have just discovered that people have no fear of choosing between one system and another. They are searching for their own unique possibility, one that will provide them with the best standard of living.

When this search flows freely, then there is only one thing to say: good luck.”


Baker. I would like to clarify our approach to self-determination. We agree that each country must have the right to free elections. But all this make sense only when the people in the country are really in the position to choose freely. This also falls in the concept of “Western values”, and by no means is it the right to thrust one’s ways on others.

Gorbachev. If someone is making a claim to the ultimate truth – they can expect disaster.

Bush. Absolutely right.

Baker. That is not exactly what I meant. Take, for example, the question of the reunification of Germany, which is making both you and us nervous, as well as many Europeans. What are we advocating here? For the reunification to happen on the principles of openness, pluralism, and free market. By no means do we want the reunification of Germany to reproduce the model of 1937-1945, which, evidently, is something that worries you. Germany of that time had nothing in common with Western values.

Gorbachev. A. H. Yakovlev is inquiring: why are democracy, openness, the market – ‘Western values?’

Bush. It was not always that way. You personally created a start of these changes directed toward democracy and openness. Today it is really much clearer than it was, say, 20 years ago, that we share these values with you.

Gorbachev. There is no point in entering into propagandistic battles.

Yakovlev. When you insist in ‘Western values’, then ‘Eastern values’ unavoidably appear, and ‘Southern values’…

Gorbachev. Exactly, and when that happens, ideological confrontation flare up again.

“[Source: From the notes of Anatoly Chernyaev; Published in Years of Difficult Decisions, Moscow, 1993]”

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